A Hope to Save Nature

As glaciers and polar ice caps melt across the globe due to increasing carbon emissions that trap heat in the atmosphere and overall warms up the climates of the world, animals lost their families and their homes.  Global warming is currently a controversial topic about the heating of Earth’s climate done mechanically.  This increase in temperature is causing a myriad of animals who make their homes in certain climates to be disrupted, uprooted, or even becoming endangered.  Polar bears are one of the most affected species threatened by the changing climates.  Their homes in the on the Arctic Sea ice melts, so they lose their families as their ice habitats float further apart.  In addition, swimming in the ocean becomes more dangerous as the travels are longer distances.  If only people understood that our actions are causing their families harm, which in our law should be animal cruelty.  The population of the polar bears decrease drastically as it is affected by global warming and its impacts on ice caps and glaciers.

While glacier animals such as the polar bears are affected by climate changes, marine animals also feel the wrath of the snowball effects.   Salmon, a fish the primordially lives by streams and rivers in freshwater, lose their chances of survival and temperature increases.  With a hotter atmosphere, the ocean also rises with heat that causes salmon to face more predators, diseases, and new migrating habits that will kill them.  Furthermore, the carbon dioxide in the air acidify the water and dissolve the shells of mollusks, a food resource for salmon.  As the fight for survival gets harder, more and more salmon will fall victim to starvation and death.  These animals are important to sea life and many cultures who striven off of the fish, and should be treasured as an important part of history.  Moreover, the heat is also disrupting salmon’s path to reproduction as it becomes more of a challenged to climb up rivers to lay their eggs.  Global warming is also endangering the ocean life of nature.

Polar bears and salmon are a few of the plethora of animals of nature affected the impacting effects of global warming.  Because of factories spewing out chemicals such as carbon dioxide and cars releasing carbon emissions, the atmosphere has become a hotter climate.  As a result, animals lose their homes, families, and sometimes their lives.  Most animals are punished by the lack of environmental care for the wildlife.   Changes to the industry must be made to save the nature that provides us with beauty and life.  These animals are apart of the nature that we must preserve.  In the future, there must be hope that there will be reformations to aid this cause.


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My Comments


Last year I didn’t go out for Halloween, nor did I this year. However, I do enjoy celebrating by passing out candy and watching movies.



This is all a very interesting subject. I love to learn on how the stars, planets, and the galaxies formed from the Big Bang. Science and all of it sub-sections all intrigue me. I enjoyed learning about the steps of a star’s birth to death.



What a cool list of blogs you posted. I might go and visit them myself! Thank you for informing me about them.


Miss W,

What is the website that provides pictures with attribution as it is time consuming to find pictures randomly with the same properties.




I learned a lot about camels from your informative post! Thank you for sharing the qualities of a camel. I will never a camel the same way, but as a beautiful creature.



The Mets are a cool time.  Unfortunate they didn’t win against the Dogers in the playoffs, but they will get around next time.  My favorite team is the Angels



We go to the same school! I love the Pick Up Stix, but Fresh Brothers is also really yummy at school. I don’t eat lunch everyday, but I try the get the best ones when I can.



Thank you for all of the information on Halloween. I never knew that Halloween was the festival of Samhain. While it is still the same idea, it is interesting to knew that Halloween was different from what it was originnaly purposed to be.



I usually eat out of my lunchbox too! I have mostly sandwiches everyday, but sometimes I get to enjoy a quick salad. I have never had a golden apples, just mostly the green shades.



I also share the same interest in how animals live off each other in a food chain. For instance, flies eat off plants and fruit. Then spiders use the flies as meals. Then insect eaters such as frogs use spiders as a food resource. Then the chain so on continues to the top predators. This part of nature is very interesting and shows nature as its own working society.


Turks and Caicos

My favorite memory with my family was on a vacation trip to the Bahamas.  For a family vacation after my Bar Mitzvah, we went to an inland resort in Turks and Caicos called Beaches.  It was a perfect week of cultural activities white, soft sand battling against the light blue, translucent waves, and unique tropical climate with beautiful weather.  The location offered our family a multitude of activities such as snorkeling, swimming, concerts, and relaxing by luxurious pools or breathtaking waves.  In addition, the resort was littered with fabulous restaurants, stores, and rooms with gaming devices, partying tourists, or spas.  My family and I took advantage of all that we could, going parasailing, watching the waves, swimming the extensive pools, enjoying pleasuring drinks, and rounds of lawn chess.  Moreover, we were provided with wonderful, top quality rooms.  Our two queen bed suite took pride in having a spectacular view of the rolling gray clouds blocking the baby blue sky and the radiant yellow shine of the sun over the horizon while the Caribbean Sea mimicked the sky in color but revealed its hidden coral reefs and assortment of colorful and crowded fish as its waves washed over the speckled white sand topped with tall, bright green palm trees swaying in the wind.  The room was also decorated with interesting cultural decor of seashells and French design, the main focus of the hotel division we were located in.  Other hotel buildings were Italian, Caribbean, or modern, our’s was French ordinate.  What really made this trip special, compared to all of the benefits supplied to us on the trip, was enjoying quality moments with my family that was n’t interrupted by work or quagmires.  We all got participate in our desired activities, eat at our wished restaurants, and did so as one loving and pleasant family.    This week in wonderful Turks and Caicos is a priceless memory of my favorite time with my family.

72C55A38-1F38-4F00-B45B-84667855268C  Panoramic, by my family

Your Next Meal

In America, there are a variety of multicultural foods and dishes competing among each other for popularity.  The most popular foods in the United States are potatoes and tomatoes for vegetables, mozzarella cheese for cheeses, while chicken barely topping over beef in availability in 2012.   Most of these foods may seem quite rare in your daily life.  However, it is unsuprising to hear that potatoes are more popular than most of the vegetables (tomatoes in a close second) when there are plenty of steakhouses and American restaurants that offer a plethora of dishes with mashed potatoes, breakfast potatoes, hash browns, and baked potatoes.  Along with all of this uses for potatoes comes with other sides like salads, where tomatoes see their most use, but can also be used in appetizers and a myriad of other creative dishes.  Mozzarella cheese is the basis of cheese of the standard American pizzas, which has a wide variety of chains just for selling this type of product.  Chicken has been boosted because of the large diet of healthy eating and strong workouts.  Chicken, with less fat than beef, pulls over the famed meat.  All in all, next time you go out to eat, consider you might be eating something very popular in American dietary consumption, such as mashed potatoes and steak.

Grated mozzarella cheese in a wooden bowl                                                                         potato on white background

Grated mozzarella cheese in a wooden bowl, By:MCPhotograpic potato in a white background, By: Jiang Hongyan

Links: http://time.com/2818849/these-are-the-most-popular-foods-in-america/


Types of Food In Different Areas

In my area, in California, I eat at plenty of seafood and sushi restaurants while enjoying my own favorite chains of food such as the Mediterranean Cafe and In and Out.  However, I am more interested to what you readers eat that is influenced by your location.  Please post a comment down below to elaborate on your weekly diet.

Comments on Posts

I love pizza!  Do you have any unique foods in Australia that aren’t common here in the United States.  I would love to know!

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This is a very interesting dish!  Do you have anymore unique delicacies to share?

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Super cool. I would love to hear more about interesting foods you have in your country.

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Do you have any interesting foods not common anywhere else in your country? If so, I would love to know!

Link: http://shsdylanc.blogspot.co.nz/

Tips for Commenting

Have you ever seen an interesting blog you wanted to comment on, but you didn’t know what to right or how to?  This is why I will be giving you tips on how to improve your comments.  First of all, you don’t want to release any of your private information in the comment.  By revealing your last name, address, your locations of your daily routine, you become at risk for identity thieves who want your information to make accounts that you don’t have or want.  Then you will be stuck with numerous bills on credit cards you don’t own.  In addition, you want your comment to be positive.  When your comment is encouraging, the person who wrote the post will feel better about the work they did.  If the post is rude, then the writer will feel insecure about their writing and the people who read the comments will have negative feelings towards you.  Furthermore, you want your comment to be on topic.  The comment you write should relate to the focus of the blog.  Otherwise, your comment isn’t beneficial towards any conversation about the topic or to the writer.  The tips I shared with you should help you form more intelligent and respectful comments.

Commenting on Blogs

I went to Hunter’s blog and commented on his list on where he would like to go if he went to Pennsylvania.  He went in order from five to one with five representing the last place he would visit and with one symbolizing the first place he would visit.  I commented on his list because I find Pennsylvania an interesting state full of surprises and his places on the list where some of my places I would visit if I went to Pennsylvania.  Others on the list were places I have never heard of, and I was interesting to learn about them

My comment was:

I would also love to visit these areas in Pennsylvania. Hershey Park sounds really exciting along with Dutch Wonderland. I hope that you could go there one day.

My website

Online vs. the Real World

On the internet, people can hide behind usernames that most cannot do in real life, causing people to act differently online than they would in home communities.  However, my real life personality is very related to my online personality.  In real life, I act considerately, calmly, and sometime like to say a few jokes (if they are funny or not).  When in a conversation, I tend to make either understanding comments about the topic, or try to make a few laughs among my friends.  Online, I while act the same way.  Furthermore, I act differently depending on the situation.  Sometimes when I play a ridiculous and sporadic game online or enjoy a jovial moment with my peers, I am more excited and impulsive.  In strategic games, I plan practically and thoughtfully.  In addition, I usually am unbiased and reasonable in both societies.  When I am presented with a controversial discussion, I enjoy to consider all of the factors and influences at hand.  My considerable side happens online more frequently than in real life.  To conclude, I act very similar online and in real life instead of shielding myself behind a username and changing my personality completely.

All About Me Poem

I am a tall boy with sporadic hair.

Who always wears jeans and a hat with dignity.

A child who is intelligent and acts with care,

And values friendship and equality.

I enjoy to play sports and online games

I have played basketball and baseball all my life

however my love for sports begin to wane

and in replace games such as Civilization or SMITE

I have one sibling and a family pet

An old doberman with the cutest eyes

And a sister who plays goalie in soccer near a net