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Last year I didn’t go out for Halloween, nor did I this year. However, I do enjoy celebrating by passing out candy and watching movies.


This is all a very interesting subject. I love to learn on how the stars, planets, and the galaxies formed from the Big Bang. Science and all of it sub-sections all intrigue me. I enjoyed learning about the steps of a star’s birth to death.


What a cool list of blogs you posted. I might go and visit them myself! Thank you for informing me about them.

Miss W,

What is the website that provides pictures with attribution as it is time consuming to find pictures randomly with the same properties.



I learned a lot about camels from your informative post! Thank you for sharing the qualities of a camel. I will never a camel the same way, but as a beautiful creature.


The Mets are a cool time.  Unfortunate they didn’t win against the Dogers in the playoffs, but they will get around next time.  My favorite team is the Angels


We go to the same school! I love the Pick Up Stix, but Fresh Brothers is also really yummy at school. I don’t eat lunch everyday, but I try the get the best ones when I can.


Thank you for all of the information on Halloween. I never knew that Halloween was the festival of Samhain. While it is still the same idea, it is interesting to knew that Halloween was different from what it was originnaly purposed to be.


I usually eat out of my lunchbox too! I have mostly sandwiches everyday, but sometimes I get to enjoy a quick salad. I have never had a golden apples, just mostly the green shades.


I also share the same interest in how animals live off each other in a food chain. For instance, flies eat off plants and fruit. Then spiders use the flies as meals. Then insect eaters such as frogs use spiders as a food resource. Then the chain so on continues to the top predators. This part of nature is very interesting and shows nature as its own working society.

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  1. Well done Reece,
    You have left some great comments.

    To answer the one you left for me. If you have an Edublogs blog, you have a plugin called Compfight. When writing a post, above the writing area you should see Add Media and Compfight. If you don’t see compfight, then go to dashboard> plugins and activate the compfight one.

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